Power cylinder KC40

The KC40 is the most powerfull cilinder within the range of hydro-pneumatic power cylinders. Utilizing a maximal pushing force of 40 metric tons and an effective stroke of 21 mm, this power cylinder is suitable for the most demanding punching and cutting operations in steel and plastics. Hydro-pneumatic cilinders are characterized by the conversion of pneumatic energy to hydraulic energy. This allows for the power cylinders to be hooked up to an industrial compressor while still providing the power of hydraulics at the tool side. The KC40 has several mouting points for ease of integration into any structure or frame.

KC40 hydropneumatische cilinder
Power cylinder KC40 maximal 40 metric tons
Hydropneumatische krachtcilinder KC40 vooraanzicht
Power cylinder KC40 front view
Hydropneumatische krachtcilinder KC40 achteraanzicht
Power cylinder KC40 rear view

Technical description

Download technical specifications: Download PDF
KC 40 (Length 481) Download STEP-file KC 40 (Length 706) Download STEP-file KC 40 (Length 931) Download STEP-file