Power cylinder KC10

The hydropneumatic power cylinder KC10 is in the middle of the range of power cylinders. Due to its compact design in combination with high punching force and stroke, this power cylinder is very suitable for driving heavier tools for machining metals and plastics. The engineering department is happy to help you convert your challenge into an efficient and reliable production process.

KC10 hydro-pneumatische krachtcilinder
Power cylinder KC10 maximal 10 metric tons
KC10 hydropneumatische krachtcilinder voorzijde
Power cylinder KC10 front view
Achterkant krachtcilinder 10 ton
Power cylinder KC10 rear view

Technical description

Download technical specifications: Download PDF
KC 10 (Length 326) Download STEP-file KC 10 (Length 463) Download STEP-file KC 10 (Length 596) Download STEP-file